Flu treatment medication for post-partum headache


A new treatment for postpartum headaches that was developed by Indian researchers could be effective in treating millions of women in India.

India’s National Centre for Health Research and Technology said the drug, called fenbendazole, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as an antiviral treatment for chronic pain and for postnatal depression.

“The drug is administered at low dose, and it is safe and effective,” NCDTRS director-general, Dr Prabhat Jain told AFP news agency.

He said it was being tested in women in the country, who have been given it since April this year.

“We are now going to conduct trials in women over 60 years old,” he said.

“I have been told that this drug is being used for depression and for pain in women.”

According to the latest data from the Indian government, there were 6,819,000 post-natal cases of the viral hepatitis C virus in 2016.

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