When will the ‘Fake Medical Treatment’ game hit?


With the release of “Fake Medical Treatments” coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in February, it looks like this new game may be coming to consoles as well.

According to a recent post on NeoGAF, “fake medical treatments” is a fictional character who appears in a video game.

The game is being made by the same team behind “Fate of the Furious,” and it features a similar story that focuses on a character named Mr. Fisk who’s attempting to become a “medical treatment” expert.

According to the post, the game will be based on the original “Fates of the Fastest Makers” story, which was published in 1998.

The game is currently in development by a new team led by “Fantasy Flight Games,” who will also be making “Fairytale.”

It will be published by Ubisoft in North America and Europe, with a North American release planned for the end of the year.

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