Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for ‘Medicare for All’ for the United States


Sen. Warren (D-MA) is calling for Medicare for All to be a centerpiece of the Democratic platform for 2020, in a speech to a group of progressive lawmakers on Thursday.

In the speech, which will be delivered by her daughter-in-law, the Massachusetts senator made clear that she believes the Affordable Care Act is “the greatest public health system in the world,” and called on the Democratic Party to embrace a system that “is as fair, affordable and accessible as the American health system.”

Warren has been a long-time advocate for universal healthcare and has long argued for Medicare to be an option for those without health insurance.

The senator, who has repeatedly criticized President Donald Trump for failing to reach a bipartisan deal with Republicans on a new healthcare bill, also called for the passage of the American Health Care Act, a new GOP healthcare proposal.

She said that a single-payer system would be “the best way to deliver affordable, comprehensive health care to all Americans.”

Warren’s speech comes a week after her daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, and she said in a Facebook post that she has been fighting “for a single payer healthcare system.”

“This is not about politics.

This is about saving lives,” she wrote.

“The stakes are high for every American, especially those with disabilities and vulnerable populations.”

The Elizabeth Warren Institute for America, a nonprofit advocacy organization, is launching a national initiative to promote single-payer health care.

“We want to show the country that the American people are ready for a universal health care system, and that we are committed to ensuring all Americans have access to health care that works for them,” said Dan Schoen, the institute’s chief executive officer.

“I know that the Elizabeth Warren Health Care Campaign, founded by her and her daughter and other Elizabeth Warren champions, will continue to be part of the 2020 Democratic platform,” he said in an emailed statement.

“She has a long track record of championing universal health insurance, which she believes in, and has spoken out against the Trump Administration’s attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Schoen added.

The Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren Initiative, a joint effort between the group and the Massachusetts Nurses Association, will launch a national, digital campaign to promote the goal of universal health coverage.

“Elizabeth Warren is committed to delivering the highest quality health care at the lowest possible cost,” the group said in its statement.

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