The Australian dog medical treatments and vet services


When you are sick, you can’t just go home and do your dog’s business.

That’s why the Australian Veterinary Medical Association has developed the first veterinary services package in the country for dogs.

The package includes dog vaccinations, dog vaccines, treatment, vet appointments and more.

The program is designed to make it easy for people who need a quick, cheap and effective way to get a dog treatment, or can’t afford to spend the extra money to go to a vet.

The vet appointments are included in the package, so you can get them before your dog has to go in the hospital.

The packages includes vaccinations for the following: Dogs vaccinated for canine distemper, canine distitis, canine pneumonia, canine rabies, canine meningitis, dog coronavirus, canine mumps, canine kidney disease, canine influenza, canine spondylitis, and canine lupus  (lupus).

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