What’s on the horizon for Cric’s CFH coverage


The CFH is back!

With a host of Cric coverage in the news today, including the Cric Football Podcast, The CFB Insider, and the CFH Podcast, we’re bringing you up-to-the-minute stories and analysis from around the AFL and NRL.

The CFW has also been updated to include all the latest news, plus exclusive content and analysis on the NRL’s blockbuster weekend.

Today’s show: With the return of Crikey Football Live, we’ve got a special edition of our football podcast featuring the best interviews from around football, featuring the Crikeys co-hosts Sam Sheehan and Ben Howlett.

The Crikers will be making a special return to Cric on Sunday.

The show is scheduled to air live on ABC Sport and will be live from 9:30am AEDT on Sunday, September 8.

Crikey will also be airing live on the CRIkey TV channel, with a selection of games being shown each week.

The Criker podcast will be simulcast on CriKey’s website.

Watch the podcast here:AFL clubs, coaches and players will be joined by Criking Football on Thursday, September 10 at 11:30pm AEDS.

The CFH will also have the latest on AFL players returning to AFL clubs, with Tom Mitchell and Ben Collins in the studio.

Watch the podcast below.

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