When to get a medical treatment


1 of 1 You don’t want to be sick.

You want to stay healthy.

But getting a medical prescription for a treatment may not be the best option.

For some, a treatment is the only option at this time.

For others, there is no treatment option available at all.

If you’re worried about being sick, the following are some common questions you should ask before getting treatment.

Do I have a medical condition?

Does it need to be treated?

What is the risk of a medical event, such as surgery, or a medical emergency?

Is there a higher risk of complications with the treatment?

If so, what do I need to know?

Is it safe?

Do I want to do this?

What if I’m sick and the treatment isn’t available?

If you are unsure of the risks associated with a medical procedure, such the procedure itself or a procedure that may be performed at home, ask your healthcare provider for a referral.

How much money will I have to pay?

How much will it cost to get treatment?

Is my insurance plan going to cover this?

If not, is there a cheaper alternative?

Do you have an appointment for me?

Will I need any help with my payment?

Do my insurance policies cover this, or do they not?

Will my insurance company reimburse me?

Can I get this treatment at my home?

Can my insurance be charged for this?

Do any of the hospitals I’ve talked to cover my insurance?

Do all of my relatives and friends cover this as well?

What about emergency services?

Will they cover me?

Is this a procedure I’ve been told I shouldn’t do?

Will anyone I know be in the hospital?

How long will I be in a hospital?

Is any emergency treatment going to be covered?

How will I pay?

What will my insurance cost?

How does this affect my income?

Can you pay for this treatment in person?

Will there be charges for insurance?

Will you need to pay for my travel expenses?

What should I do if I am at home with a minor or if I don’t feel like going to the doctor?

Can they give me more help?

Can this help me get a job?

What happens if I have no insurance?

Does my insurance cover this treatment?

How do I get the treatment I need?

Can the hospital give me any medical treatment?

What are the rules for getting a new insurance card?

Do the rules change for older adults?

How can I find out more about insurance and insurance plans?

Do people in my age group have to have insurance?

If I’m not sure, will the hospital be able to help me?

Are there any restrictions on getting this treatment anywhere else?

Can a friend get this care?

How would I know if someone in my family is being treated?

How many people have been treated in my area?

What does the hospital say about my insurance coverage?

Will the hospital charge me for this service?

Can any of my friends get this, too?

Can anyone get this?

Are you able to get help from a healthcare provider?

What can I do to protect myself?

What medical condition is the treatment for?

Do there are other treatments available at the hospital I’m going to?

Is anyone in my town getting this?

Will any of these treatments be covered by my insurance carrier?

What’s my insurance deductible?

Can insurance companies charge more for this type of treatment?

Can someone pay this for me at home?

What types of services are covered?

Will insurance be billed?

How is the cost of the treatment going?

How likely are I to have a complication?

Is the treatment covered?

Does the insurance carrier cover all of this?

Is insurance coverage required for me to get this service, or is it optional?

Does anyone in this town have a treatment that’s covered?

Can it be used in my community?

Is that someone I know?

Will this affect how I feel about the treatment, or will I still like it?

What do I do when the doctors don’t come?

Will we be charged any additional costs?

Can we get the treatments we need without insurance?

How could this affect future insurance plans or the cost for services?

What would I do with the care if I didn’t have insurance coverage for this procedure?

Is a treatment in my state covered?

If this is not covered, how do I know that it is?

How am I going to pay this?

I have diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Do the treatments that are available cover all three of these conditions?

Can one of these diseases be prevented with treatments?

Are some treatments more expensive than others?

Will it be covered if the insurance company doesn’t cover them?

Can people get diabetes medication?

Can blood pressure be controlled?

Can low blood sugar be controlled with insulin?

What medications are available?

What side effects do medications have?

Can drugs be used to treat this condition?

Do these drugs

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