I’ll go to hospital for treatment after a suspected heart attack


The first of two suspected cases of a suspected EKG increase is suspected to have been caused by a suspected cardiac arrest in a Milan family, as the hospital is preparing for an influx of patients.

Milan’s Hospital of Il Corso has announced that the family of the man who died last Friday has been identified as the father of the girl, who has been undergoing treatment for a heart condition.

The doctor who was performing the cardiac scan said he suspected that the boy was suffering from a suspected cardiomyopathy, and that it was a case of heart attack.

According to hospital director Giuseppe Rizzo, there is no indication of any other cause for the cardiac condition, and he said that the father had been admitted to hospital on Friday.

The hospital is now waiting for all the family members to arrive and await the results of the medical tests to confirm the diagnosis.

On Monday, the hospital confirmed that the girl was in stable condition, with no sign of a cardiac condition.

“The father and the mother of the patient are being kept in intensive care, and they are not yet aware of any complications.

The father has been admitted for treatment,” the hospital said in a statement.”

As the situation is stable, we are not ready to share further details at this time.”

The mother of one of the patients has been discharged from hospital.

Doctors at Milan’s Hospital say they are currently preparing for a “very large” influx of cardiac patients.

“We have more than 2,000 cardiac patients on the list and we have to prepare for this, so we are ready to receive more patients, even in the most urgent cases,” hospital director Stefano Lattori told the Rai News channel.

“It is a very important situation, because we have an unprecedented number of patients, and it is important that we are able to treat them in a timely manner.”

A total of 11 suspected cases have been reported since the end of April.

The hospital has not yet been able to confirm any other causes for the heart condition, as doctors are still awaiting the results from the medical scans.

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