What Is The Medical Marijuana Treatment Industry And How Does It Work?


By: Andrew Miller | July 27, 2018, 11:40pmIf you are not a cannabis patient, you are probably not familiar with the treatment industry.

It is a highly regulated industry that requires many of the same criteria that are used to vet medical cannabis patients.

The marijuana industry is comprised of several industries that have to meet certain standards to be considered a medical marijuana business.

These standards include:• Health care-based businesses have to have a license from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for their facility to be a medical cannabis dispensary, and a license for any staff member to be licensed as a medical caregiver.• Medical marijuana companies that do not have a dispensary license have to get an exemption from the federal government that allows them to use marijuana in a regulated setting.• If a medical doctor does not recommend a medical treatment, they must get approval from the FDA and be certified as a doctor to do so.

The FDA certifies the doctor.

Medical marijuana is classified as Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, which is the most restrictive category of drugs.

Schedule I drugs are defined as drugs that are highly addictive and have no medical use.

The DEA has issued a variety of restrictions on medical marijuana.

The following is a list of the medical marijuana companies with their licenses.1.

California Compassion Center – A Compassionate Care Act dispensary license.

A California Compound is a medical facility that has a doctor’s approval and is licensed by the state of California.

There are currently two Compassion Centers in California that have licenses to sell medical marijuana to patients.

The first is the Compassion Research and Education Center (CRECC) in the city of San Francisco and the second is the Medical Cannabis Institute (MCI) in Oakland.2.

Golden State Medical Dispensary – The medical marijuana dispensary that opened in July 2018 in the City of Golden State, California.3.

The Cannabis Research Institute – The Cannabis Institute has three licensed dispensaries in California.

It operates dispensaries in Riverside, Fresno, and San Jose.4.

The Compassionated Care Organization – The Compented Care Organization has four licensed dispensaries located in the state.

The facility operates as a dispensary with a physician’s certificate.5.

Medi-Gram – The MediGram Medical Marijuana Dispensaries have one licensed dispensary in Colorado, one licensed in Maryland, and one licensed by Washington state.6.

Medical Marijuana Patients Association – The Medical Cannabis Patients Association has five registered members and is the largest medical marijuana patient organization in the country.7.

The California Compulsive Care Association – A California cannabis dispensary that was set up in December 2019.8.

Compassionation Health Center – The compulsive care group that is based in San Diego, California, and operates a dispensary in Oakland, California with two licensed locations.9.

The Colorado Compassion Clinic – A cannabis dispensary in the Colorado Springs area.10.

The Health Sciences Center – Medical cannabis dispensary licensed in Colorado Springs, Colorado.11.

Compressed Air Medical Marijuana Company – CompressedAir Medical Marijuana has a licensed location in North Las Vegas, Nevada.12.

Compulsory Access Dispensories – A compulsive access dispensary licensed by Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, and two other licensed locations in New York and New Jersey.13.

Medical Cannabis Education Institute – Licensed to provide education and counseling to medical marijuana patients in Colorado.14.

The North Carolina Compassion Program – Licensed in North Carolina to provide medical cannabis to patients in North Dakota.15.

The Medical Medical Marijuana Care Foundation – Licensed by North Carolina for distribution of medical cannabis in the Carolinas.16.

The National Cannabis Industry Association – Licensed medical marijuana facilities in Oregon and Washington.17.

Colorado Compulsors – Licensed compulsive treatment facility in Colorado that offers medical marijuana for a fee.18.

The Marijuana Industry Medical Education Foundation – An educational nonprofit in Colorado for the education and training of healthcare professionals regarding the benefits of medical marijuana and the laws governing its use.19.

The Northern Colorado Medical Care Association and Northern Colorado Compulsive Treatment – Licensed and certified to provide educational and medical care to cannabis patients in Northern Colorado.20.

The Cannabidiol Alliance – Licensed dispensary in Washington state that sells medical marijuana on a first come first served basis.21.

The American Compassion Society – Licensed Colorado medical marijuana facility that offers educational and counseling services.22.

Compensated Compulsive Therapists – Licensed registered compulsive therapy therapists in California and Washington that offer treatment to patients with chronic pain, cancer and other medical conditions.23.

The Treatment Center for Compulsive Pain – Licensed facility in California to provide pain management and treatment services for chronic pain patients.24.

Compulsive Medical Care Professionals of America – Licensed California medical marijuana professionals to provide services to patients who require specialized medical care.25.

The Nevada Compassion Study – Licensed Nevada medical marijuana program that offers education, therapy and

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