Mexican government: More than 80 killed in U.S.-Mexico border violence


In a series of violent incidents along the U.N.-authorized border, at least 85 people have been killed in a U.H.W.O.-authorized operation, officials said Sunday, with the latest death bringing the toll to more than 80.

The Mexican military said it had fired a volley of tear gas into a camp of armed Mexican nationals, with at least one of the deaths coming in the southern city of Monterrey, where the camp is located.

The government said it was investigating a series in which migrants were shot at the camp in the border city of San Luis Potosi and a few days later the U-H.M.N. military operation in the town of Zihuatanejo was foiled when the soldiers were fired upon.

In the northern state of Sonora, soldiers fired at a camp in a remote region of the state that was known to have been used by smugglers and other armed groups, killing eight migrants, a government official said.

In another incident, the government said on Sunday it had arrested more than 100 suspected drug traffickers, including some of the country’s most powerful drug lords, in a major operation in Ciudad Juarez.

In a statement, President Mauricio Macri said the government was working with Mexican authorities to eradicate the cartels’ “continued presence in the country and their ability to prey on migrants.”

Macri called the attacks a “fateful act of revenge for the tragic deaths of migrants, many of whom have died in the hands of smugglers.”

More: Mexico’s President: The U.U.S. is “a big bully”The Mexican government said the latest violence took place in the city of Juarez and the town where more than 1,200 migrants have died crossing the U,H.O. border into the United States.

Macri said in a statement that the UH.

N., which is part of the United Nations, was working to “establish a process to address the security, humanitarian and political needs” of migrants crossing the border.

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission said in the statement that some 200 migrants had died along the border this year.

A Reuters witness at the scene said that more than 300 migrants had been wounded, and several were being treated in hospital.

The U.K. has called on the U .

S. to open its borders to migrants, and on Saturday Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged the U.-S.

alliance to show “greater urgency” to deal with the crisis.

Johnson said on Saturday that there is “an urgent need” to close the border, and that the government would seek the “immediate and unconditional release of all migrants who are being held in U-S.

detention facilities and who are no longer in the United Kingdom.”

Mexico’s government on Sunday said that the number of migrants still in detention had risen to around 700, and the number in hospitals had risen too.

In addition, the interior ministry said that a “high number of criminal elements” were being involved in the illegal crossings.

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