How to get more leech treatment in Israel


The Australian government says it is now aware of a serious issue in the country’s healthcare system.

The Department of Health says the issue is “substantial” and the department is working to resolve it.

“We are aware of an issue which affects the provision of leech medicine in some parts of Israel,” the department said in a statement.

Health Minister Peter Dutton said the department had launched an investigation into the matter.

He said the Department of Primary Health Services was working with other health departments in Israel to determine the cause of the issue and “ensure that appropriate medical and pharmaceutical assistance is available to those in need”.

“The department has launched an inquiry into the issue,” Mr Dutton told Sky News.

“As part of that investigation, we are looking at what steps we can take to address this.”

It is not the first time the department has been called to question about leech medication.

In August, an investigation was launched into the use of an Australian-made drug in a South African outbreak of pneumococcal disease (Pneumococcus pneumoniae).

The department said it had spoken to health experts and had asked for their views on the matter but did not yet have a response.

However, a report by the Department for Health in February found that the drug had not been approved for use in South Africa.

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