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NFL Draft – Round 1: QB: Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) The Indianapolis Colts pick up a top-three QB in Andrew Luck and take a QB in the first round.

Here’s the latest on Luck’s pick.

QB: QB Andrew Luck is rated the #1 overall pick by CBS Sports.

He is the best quarterback in the draft and one of the best prospects for this year’s draft class.

RB: Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) The Vikings pick up another RB in Adrian Peterson and pick up the #3 RB in the NFL.

They also take a RB in this round.

WR: Alshon Jeffery (Philadelphia Eagles) The Eagles take WR Alsho Jeffery and draft the best receiver in this class.

WR Alishon Jefferies will likely play his rookie season at Minnesota.

WR Corey Coleman (Green Bay Packers) The Packers take WR Corey Bryant and pick WR Aliqua Abdullah out of Clemson.

WR Jordan Matthews (Philadelphia Phillies) The Phillies take WR Jordan Cameron and draft WR Ty Montgomery out of Alabama.

RBs: Ameer Abdullah (Detroit Lions) The Lions pick up RB Ameer Winston in the second round.

RB Ameel Cote (Houston Texans) The Texans take RB Ameyed Cote in the third round.

OL: Jake Matthews (Atlanta Falcons) The Falcons take OL Jake Matthews in the fourth round.

LB: Jonathan Bullard (Buffalo Bills) The Bills take LB Jonathan Bullards in the sixth round.

CB: Trevon Coley (New York Jets) The Jets pick up CB Trevon Branch in the eighth round.

Safety: Kamalei Correa (Denver Broncos) The Broncos pick up S Kamalein Correa in the fifth round.

SS: Demarcus Lawrence (New Orleans Saints) The Saints take SS Demarcius Lawrence in the seventh round.

DE: Khalil Mack (Detroit Detroit Lions) Detroit moves to take DT Khalil Williams in the ninth round.

DT Khalill Williams will likely be on the field for the first time for the Lions in 2018.

LB/CB: Khalif Barnes (New England Patriots) The Patriots take LB Khalif Phillips in the 11th round.

DB: A’Shawn Robinson (San Francisco 49ers) The 49ers take DB A’Quan Boldin in the 16th round and CB Quinton Dial in the 19th round, and they also take DE/OLB Michael Thomas in the 21st round.

S: DeForest Buckner (Greenbay Packers) Packers take S DeForest Jones in the 15th round to move to #8 overall.

DBs: Christian McCaffrey (Denver Nuggets) The Nuggets take DL Christian McCafferey in the 14th round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

LB James Laurinaitis (Arizona Cardinals) Cardinals move to take LB James Morgan in the 13th round in 2018 NFL draft.

DE/OT: Sheldon Rankins (Buffaloes) Bills move to trade with Buffalo to select OT Sheldon Rankin in 2018 draft.

DL: Laken Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers) Chargers move to select DL Laken McClellan in 2018 Draft.

CBs: Jourdan Lewis (Indianland Colts) Colts move to draft CB Jourdani Tomlison in the 5th round from Kansas State.

WRs: Kevin White (Philadelphia Chargers) The Chargers take WR Kevin White in the 10th round as a rookie.

WR Kevin Wharton (Seattle Seahawks) The Seahawks draft WR Kevin Black in the 7th round (no value).

RBs/RBs: Corey Clement (Arizona Bills) Bills draft RB Corey Clement in the 3rd round.

TEs: Ryan Griffin (Pittsburgh Steelers) Steelers pick up TE Ryan Griffin in the 1st round of this year draft.

WR Michael Floyd (Arizona Diamondbacks) The Cardinals move up in the 4th round for WR Michael Powell.

WR Sammy Watkins (Jacksonville Jaguars) Jaguars pick up WR Sammy Williams in Round 3.

TE Austin Hooper (Atlanta Falcon) Falcons pick up OT Austin Hoopers in the 2nd round.

EDGE: Khalaf Barnes (Indian Colts) Chargers select EDGE Khalaf Barrett in the 6th round by trading the No. 16 overall pick to the Bills.

LB Brandon Marshall (Detroit Pistons) Bills pick up LB Brandon McCarthy in the 9th round with no value.

CB Darius Butler (Indian Bengals) Bengals pick up SS Jalen Collins in the 8th round.(Cincinnati Bengals) Browns pick up Safety Jairus Byrd in Round 6.

CB Davon House (Jackson Rams) Rams select CB Davone Bess in the 12th round(Jackson Rams).

TEs Nick Foles (Philadelphia Browns) Browns move up from #2 overall pick in 2018 to pick TE Nick Follins in the #6 overall pick.

WR Mike Evans (San

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