How to get a spasm therapy medication from the doctor


The Indian Express newspaper has reported that the state government has issued a blanket ban on the sale of the drug known as spasm-treatment medication.

According to the report, the move was taken in response to a spate of cases of patients taking this medication for anxiety and panic attacks.

Spasm therapy medications are prescribed to people with spasms and have a positive effect on the central nervous system, causing mild or severe pain and stiffness.

They are also commonly used to treat conditions like anxiety and sleep apnea, but they can cause complications.

The state has now ordered that people over 18 years of age who buy spasm medication or the drugs from an authorized source must undergo a medical examination and undergo a drug test.

According a report in the newspaper, the state health department has ordered that any person who buys any spasm drugs for sale, whether by the dealer or otherwise, must undergo tests.

According the report:In the first such case reported by The Indian Times, a patient named Rajiv Kumar was taken to a hospital after taking a spasmodic drug for anxiety disorder.

After undergoing a drug check, he was arrested and later charged under the Drugs and Narcotics Act.

He was later charged with sedition and released on bail.

The police have also ordered the arrest of other doctors who prescribe spasm medications to patients.

The report said that a police team was sent to the hospital to collect the patient’s medical records.

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