Which medication will help you sleep?


Medical treatment and hypomania medications can help people sleep better and have a more positive impact on their health, according to a new report from the Center for Health and Health Systems and Harvard School of Public Health.

The researchers examined nearly 2,000 participants in the Sleep and Sleep Disorders Study to find which treatments were most effective in improving sleep and sleep disorders.

Their findings showed that most hypomanic and other sleep disorders can be treated with a combination of medications, but some patients also benefit from medications that have a specific therapeutic effect.

“In general, medications that work well for the majority of people can be used to treat specific sleep disorders,” said lead author Elizabeth S. Lue, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a former director of the National Sleep Foundation.

The study found that people with the most common sleep disorders, including severe depression and anxiety, had the most effective treatments when compared to patients with milder conditions.

The researchers also found that medication treatment for depression and panic disorder improved patients’ sleep, and treatment for anxiety and insomnia improved their overall sleep quality.

“It’s really important that these medications are effective for the individual patient and not just for their overall health,” said Lue.

The Harvard researchers recommend that patients seek treatment for their sleep disorders through an appropriate health care professional and that they seek appropriate treatment if they experience any symptoms of sleep disorder.

The new findings are important, as the National Institutes of Health’s Preventing and Treating Sleep Deprivation program will be conducting a larger, multicenter study to look at the use of these medications in individuals with severe sleep disorders who are also at risk for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

“Sleep is critical for our health and well-being,” said Dr. James D. Stankow, director of Sleep Disorders Treatment and Education at the National Institute of Mental Health.

“It is also a critical area of our health care system.

People with sleep disorders need to know that these drugs can be effective for them.”

The Harvard study is available at the link below.

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