FDA launches investigation into claims of drug over-the-counter drug treats ‘disease-causing’ allergies


The Food and Drug Administration has launched an investigation into allegations that an over- the-counter treatment medication treats “diseases-cailling” allergies.

The FDA said in a statement Wednesday that it will request information from the manufacturer of Ritalin, and is also reviewing claims made by the manufacturer and Ritalins manufacturer that the drug can “de-couple” allergic reactions.

The statement does not specify what the alleged side effects of the medication are.

Ritalin has become a popular treatment for people with severe allergies, but experts say it is not yet proven safe and effective for most people.

In a blog post, the company said it had received the FDA’s initial request and is preparing to respond.

Rita Lippman, a professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Ritalina, which costs about $50 per pill, is not currently approved for use by the elderly.

“The FDA needs to make sure it is protecting people with allergies and treating people with allergy,” Lippmann said.

“And they need to make it easy for people to buy it.”

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