How to stop belching treatments medication


From the UK to Japan, the world is in a state of shock after reports of a new form of belching medication.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning people to be cautious when taking the drug belching medications. 

Belching medication has been linked to serious health problems including kidney failure and kidney stones. 

The latest news comes after the WHO said that more than 10 million people in the United States have taken the drug, called belching-treatment medication, or BTS.

The new medication is a mixture of bile acids and enzymes.

BTS is an antibiotic that is used to treat a variety of diseases including urinary tract infections, colitis, and asthma. 

Scientists believe that BTS was developed by an international drug company, AstraZeneca.

The company has been accused of manufacturing a manufacture of human growth hormone. 

While BTS has been found to treat common conditions like UTIs, the drug is being used by many people in developed countries as an alternative to antibiotics. 

In a press release, the WHO called BTS a drug with “serious risks” for its users, and said it should be banned in all countries. 

Dr. Michael Fergusson, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Oxford, told CNN that BTS could cause a variety of ills, including kidney problems and kidney damage. 

“BTS is being used in the developing world because it is not as widely used in developed nations as is its use in developed Western countries,” he said. 

AstraZeneca is currently the only company that manufactures the drug in the world. 

When the drug was introduced in the UK in 2012, the company reported that it had only a small number of people in England and Wales taking it. 

However, this has now increased to a million people taking it worldwide. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the BBC that he was appalled by the reports and said that the British government would be taking a very “firm stance” on this drug. 

Johnson also admitted that the drug could cause kidney failure, but insisted that he did not think it would cause death. 

His comments came after Boys Against BTS said that it would be suing Astra Zeneca for patent infringement and claiming that the company was violating the UK’s compulsory licensing laws. 

Bats of the UK are also fighting the drug, and the group has said that it will not recover any money from the sale of the drug.

belching treatment medication

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