How to use a clap treatment drug


A new study has revealed that clap treatments can help people who are suffering from dystonia to get over their pain.

Researchers at The University of Queensland and the University of Sydney found that clapping can ease people’s pain in a variety of ways.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, looked at three different clap therapies.

Researchers tested whether clapping was a more effective pain reliever than pain relievers.

They also looked at the effect of clapping on anxiety and depression symptoms, and pain tolerance.

Here are the results of their study. 


Clapping reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms in people with dystonic disorderThe researchers found that participants who received clap therapy had significantly lower levels of anxiety and the majority of participants reported having lower levels.

They found that the clap was effective for reducing anxiety and anxiety symptoms in patients with dystonic disorder, but not for reducing depression symptoms. 


Clap treatment reduces anxiety, depressive symptoms and pain symptoms in dystonics patients with a mild form of dystoniasSource: The University

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