How to treat an illness at home


With your family, your doctor, and your pharmacist, you can safely treat an infection at home.

And, if you’re lucky, your GP will prescribe a vaccine.

If you’re not, the vaccine can be purchased online from your local drugstore or a Canadian drugstore.

Here’s how.1.

If it’s a cold You can also use a nasal spray, but you won’t need to be outdoors.

You’ll need to put the bottle in a plastic baggie, and then wrap it in plastic wrap, seal it tightly, and place it in a sealed container.2.

If the flu is a respiratory infection, you need to have your doctor check for symptoms.

Ask your doctor for a vaccination.

The vaccine is available at most pharmacies, online pharmacies, and specialty pharmacies.

You can find a list of participating pharmacies and pharmacies near you at

If a cold isn’t an option, you may need to go to a doctor’s office.

You should also make sure you’re healthy before you leave.

Ask a pharmacist about the best way to get the vaccine.

You may want to bring your prescription with you, so you can bring the vaccine if needed.4.

If your child is younger than 18 and has symptoms, ask a family member to go with you to a hospital emergency room.

They can ask to have the vaccine administered in a designated room or an ambulance.5.

If there’s a serious allergic reaction, you’ll need a doctor or pharmacist’s advice.

Your doctor or pharmacy can help you decide whether you should get vaccinated or not.

You might be asked if you have a fever or rash.

If so, it’s best to get vaccinated.6.

If an infected person is pregnant or nursing, ask your doctor to do a pregnancy test.

The test will help your doctor decide whether or not you should have the flu vaccine.

It’s also a good idea to get tested in the same day you get the flu.7.

If someone is allergic to a part of the vaccine or to a vaccine part, you might need to take a pill to block a virus from replicating.

You shouldn’t take more than a pill or two a day.8.

If all you have is a cold, take a cold medicine or take a vaccine with you.9.

If everyone is feeling well, go to your GP’s office to get a flu vaccine if you haven’t already.

If they don’t have a flu shot for you, ask them to order one for you.

You won’t have to worry about getting the vaccine again.

If you have any questions about how to take the vaccine, please contact our Vaccine Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VACCINE (1-866 of your choice).

You can text HELP (274637) to get an answer or email [email protected]

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