Medical aid is a critical tool to combat Ebola, Trump says in interview


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Tuesday that he is confident that medical aid from the federal government will be a critical piece in combatting the deadly Ebola outbreak that has hit the U.S. and neighboring countries.

Trump’s comments come after several Democratic presidential candidates, including Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have urged the government to ramp up its medical assistance.

Trump has said that he would consider spending money from the budget to buy medicine from foreign countries to fight the virus, but has also suggested that the U,S.

government should focus on buying medical supplies to the countries most affected by the outbreak.

Trump made the comments in an interview with The Associated Press, in which he said that the American government is not getting enough medical aid, but would consider providing aid if he receives it.

“If we get that money, it would be very, very big money,” Trump said.

“The government has no money, and it’s been very, many times, the wrong number.”

“We need to get medical aid.

That’s the biggest thing.

The medical aid that we’re getting is not being paid for.

We’re getting $8 billion a month.

It’s a total disaster,” he added.”

We have to get that medical assistance, because we are going to have to save lives.”

Trump has made his criticism of the federal health care system a key point of attack during the campaign, and he has repeatedly called for more funding for the health care programs he wants to cut.

But his comments Tuesday reflect a shift in tone from his campaign rhetoric, which has been mostly focused on economic policies.

During a September 2016 debate with Vermont Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Trump repeatedly said that federal aid is not the solution to the Ebola crisis.

“I want to go back to the basics.

We have to go to the states,” Trump told the crowd.

“We’re going to help them with the medical aid.”

Trump also made similar comments about health care during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump said that “the federal government is a disaster.”

The AP obtained excerpts from the interview.

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