A rare disease in Australia is being used to treat stroke medication


The rare condition of Malaria Disease in Australia has been used to create a drug that is being touted as a possible stroke treatment.

The drug is known as Vipamox.

It is being developed by the Australian Medical Research Council (AUSTRAC) in collaboration with the National Institute of Health.

The AUSTRac-led project is aiming to create an alternative to the common blood drug, Oxcarbazepine, for people with severe stroke and stroke patients with an advanced stage of the disease.

Malaria drug could be an alternative for stroke patientsThe drug developed by AUSTrac, known as Malaria Drug, could be used to help people with a rare form of the deadly disease, researchers have said.

Malarial disease is a parasitic infection caused by the common Malaria parasite.

The treatment is currently used in Australia for people suffering from stroke and has not been proven to help anyone with the disease, the research found.

“In the last five years we’ve been trying to find a treatment that works on the brain and has an effect on the patient’s neurology, so it is an area that we’re currently very excited about,” Dr Simon Kallio, senior lecturer in clinical neurology at the University of Melbourne, said.

“But in order to be able to get it into a clinical trial, it is very important to get a lot of things in place first.”

“There are some things that are very promising but they’re very complex to implement, to understand exactly what works and not do.”

Dr Kallios, who is also a senior fellow at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), said the drug could have an impact on people with advanced stage forms of the virus.

“If you have an advanced form of malaria, we have developed a drug to treat this and we’re working on clinical trials to get those trials funded,” he said.

Dr Killio said the drugs were currently in a phase III trial, with about a million people being treated, and a full trial was set to start in 2018.

The research, funded by the Commonwealth of Australia, was published online on Monday.

Malarias most recent case is the first to be reported in AustraliaThe research team from the Australian Institute of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (AITMH) at Monash University also contributed to the study.

Dr Simon Kalla, senior consultant in clinical epidemiology at the university, said the treatment was one that could help patients with the more severe forms of Malarial Disease.

“We know that we need to be careful about what we’re doing in terms of our treatment for Malaria, because if we start treating a patient with milder forms of this disease, it could increase the risk of infection,” he told news.com,au.

“What we do know is that if you do treat a patient who has milder malarial disease and it doesn’t get better within a year, then the risk increases because the bacteria that is causing it to develop can’t multiply and the infection can’t be contained.”

Dr Simon said it would be extremely important to be aware of the drug and not to prescribe it to people with mild forms of malaria.

“People are very aware of what they’re doing with Malaria drugs, so if you start prescribing them, people will become aware and that could lead to an increased risk of malaria in the community,” he added.

“Malaria drugs are used for a range of different conditions, and if we’re starting off with a drug which is potentially harmful, it may well lead to people not using it, and potentially leading to an increase in infections.”

It’s not recommended to start prescribing a drug unless you have a good clinical trial to show that it is effective.

“Dr John Smith, the director of the University’s Centre for Malarial Medicine and Health, said that, in principle, there was a lot more research needed to understand how the drug worked, but it was hoped that it would provide a tool that could be put to use in the future.”

The research is very promising and I think we’re going to see it get more advanced over the next few years,” he advised.

malaria treatment medication treatment stroke medications

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