Prescription influenza vaccines for people over 65: Where to get them


Prescription flu shots for people aged 65 and over are available through most healthcare providers and health insurance plans.

You can buy them online or through pharmacies.

Here are some important things to know about the flu vaccines.


Prescription drugs are the best way to protect yourself against flu If you have a serious medical condition or need treatment, it’s wise to get the flu vaccine before you go to work or school.

The flu vaccine contains a live version of the flu virus and works by helping your body fight off the virus, but it doesn’t protect you against all the symptoms that can arise from flu.

For example, flu shots can’t prevent you from catching influenza, but they can prevent you and others from catching the virus.

However, you should not be concerned about your flu shot.

The vaccine works to protect against two types of flu: the flu itself and influenza viruses in your body.

The live vaccine also contains antibodies that protect you from flu-like illness.

If you get a shot at home, the flu shot also contains the same type of antibodies as your own body, which means it’s still the best choice if you have chronic health conditions, like arthritis, a weakened immune system, or asthma.


There are many different types of vaccines available to help protect against flu The flu vaccines contain different types and strains of the influenza virus.

For each type of flu vaccine, the manufacturer makes a different vaccine that can work best in a specific age group.

You may have to start at an older age to get your first flu shot because older adults are at higher risk of catching the flu.

This is because they have more severe health problems that can make it more difficult to catch flu.

In addition, older people have more body fat and have fewer bones, muscles, and other organs that are needed to fight off flu.

It’s important to get an appropriate flu shot for everyone.

For more information about flu vaccines, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Most people over the age of 65 don’t need to take a flu shot to get a flu vaccine The flu shot doesn’t contain all of the antibodies that people in that age group need to protect themselves from the flu or flu viruses in their bodies.

This means that you can get a vaccine that works best for you if you’re at least 65 years old, have no chronic health problems, and don’t have other medical conditions that can affect your ability to catch influenza.

If the flu is serious enough that you need immediate treatment, the CDC recommends that you start at least two months after getting your first shot to ensure your immune system is ready.

If it’s not clear whether your symptoms will get better, your doctor may recommend a second flu shot, depending on your age.

You might need a third flu shot if your symptoms don’t get better and you need to be hospitalized.

However for people who have been sick for several weeks or who have missed some work because of a flu infection, getting a flu vaccination is the best option.

Flu vaccines are safe to take for anyone age 65 and older.

The only vaccine that has been shown to be more effective for older people is the seasonal vaccine, or flu shot that is recommended for those older than 65.

The CDC recommends the flu jab for anyone aged 65 to 75 years old and older if they have a history of seasonal influenza, including people with weakened immune systems or diabetes, arthritis, cancer, or heart disease.

However older adults should not get a second shot for flu and should not have a third shot for any reason.

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