Inventory Management

Every business weather its on large scale or small scale runs on two pillars. These pillars are service and management. In order to grow your business, it is important to take care of both pillars equally.
Evaluehub IT Services Pvt. Ltd. provides you full inventory management system that will help your business to grow. Now you can easily add products and services list. You can have a track of your products stocks and it is as easy as A, B, C.
Full Supports of Units and measurement if units and measurement are concerned, our web app is the best option for you. It comes with limitless option. You can have hours to boxes or kilograms. Use whatever fits your requirement.
Create professional invoices in business invoices plays a very important role as they are the written record of your purchase and sale. We emphasis on the design of this important part and provide you very professional looking designed invoices.
Advanced Document Option Our Web Application also include some advanced feature like it has the signatory field and is also capable of rounding of the amount.

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  • Benefits of Evaluehub developed Survey Web Application Open or Close
    • Easy and Fast Portal

    • Shows statistics in just one click

    • Paper less Shop. Integrated with Download buttons for all reports

    • Easily maintain all the records like Cost Price , LOI and Incident Rate

    • Online Reports and Stats.

    • Shows maximum information on dashboard

    • Regular reminders for raised and drop of LOI,IR

    • Project,Client and Manager wise search

    • No chance of manual mistake

    • Business enhancement and customer satisfaction

  • Reports Open or Close
    • Integrated with Reports.

    • You can have your customised reports.

    • Project Client and Supplier wise search.

    • Option for viewing the reports country wise.

    • Shows last 3 month of stats on report page.

    • Notify of IR drop and Rise.

    • Module to check the costing of a particular project.

    • Can compare actual LOI and Expected LOI

  • Why Survey Web Applications developed by EvaluehubOpen or Close
    • Notifies of IR drop and Rise.

    • Easy to use and user friendly.

    • Option to change the status of the Project from the dashboard itself.

    • No dedicated training required.

    • Fats and accurate report.

    • Report import export facility.

    • Accurate and reliable.

    • User friendly and scroll base.

    • Easy navigation.

    • Can control your complete project from one page only.

  • Record SystemOpen or Close
    • Complete records maintain of clients, suppliers and projects.

    • One click access to reports

    • Project number, Client name wise search

    • Supplier wise companies and order planning

    • Day wise report search

    • Supplier wise report search.

    • Saves lot of time. No need to get in too much pages. All reports are accessible easily

    • Shows last 3 months stats on report.

  • Advance Security functionalityOpen or Close
    • Control all your projects status from dashboard.

    • Can block and unblock the respondants of a project you want.

    • Have a complete control on country as well.

    • Advanced functionality of controlling the projects country wise.

    • ALso set the project to Quotafull manually.

    • Country Ip validation integrated.

  • Advance featuresOpen or Close
    • Quite easy and fast. Saves lots of time

    • Complete and accurate respondants reports

    • Can easily get access to all the projects supplier wise.

    • Multi Country Mapping

  • Other featuresOpen or Close
    • Fast, accurate and easy to use

    • No chance of manual error

    • Extra features like Multi country mapping.

    • Completely tested by dedicated team

    • Important notification and month calendar

    • Compatible with all type of browsers.

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