Medical wellness Application

Robust wellness software that is proven to guide behaviour change and reduce health-related risk, reflecting years of award-winning wellness experience. Our proprietary wellness software provides the ability to manage and document participant progress and wellness program outcomes by management and tracking of participant biometric data and behaviour change.
A Medical wellness system, integrated information system design to manage the administrative and guest clinical aspect of a hospital.
Managing the guest flow effectively is a real time facilities. We have made this tricky process simple.
Reduces waiting time and enhances guest care by providing staff with accurate and timely guest information.
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  • Features of Medical Wellness Open or Close
    • Guests Registration

    • Guests Registration approval by Doctors/ management

    • Guests Registration view, edit and deletions.

    • Room bookings as per request.

    • Appointment scheduling.

    • Quick follow-up appointment bookings.

    • Test & doctors Investigation/ feedback forms.

    • Case sheet/ diet charts/ flowup sheets.

    • Doctors note/ discharges summary.

    • Therapist work sheet etc.

  • More featuresOpen or Close
    • Guest add feedback.

    • Guest shared feedback.

    • Review/ summary feedback.

    • Create profiles.

    • add servcies category/ sub category.

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