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Evaluehub IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is fastest growing development company that deals in many other products and services. Survey websites are one of our leading works.
Survey is a data collection process of gathering homogeneous information of individuals. Nowadays, surveys are used in all sectors to collect self-report data from study participants. The benefit of conducting the survey is to get the factual information of the individual and it also aim to obtain the opinion of the survey takers.
There is list of advantages of conducting surveys as it allows you to gather a large quantity of data and information relatively very quickly and cheaply. The results of survey can be administered as a structural interview or as a self-report measure. The process of conducting survey can benefit you before you start a new business or a new product or for any service and many. You get the information like where and in which area and sector your service is needed the most. According to the result of the survey you can take many big decisions that will uplift your business and will be very fruit-full to you in future as well.
Evaluehub IT Services Pvt. Ltd with the panel of expertise deals in developing all kind of survey web applications and websites and helps you get the information that is needed for the growth of your business. We have dedicated business analysis team that analyze your requirement and give it a base structure. We provide you a complete solution for your market studies.
Evaluehub promise you for an excellence service and support.

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Inventory Web APP

Every business weather its on large scale or small scale runs on two pillars. These pillars are service and management. In order to grow your business, it is important to take care of both pillars equally.
Evaluehub IT Services Pvt. Ltd. provides you full inventory management system that will help your business to grow. Now you can easily add products and services list. You can have a track of your products stocks and it is as easy as A, B, C.
Full Supports of Units and measurement – if units and measurement are concerned, our web app is the best option for you. It comes with limitless option. You can have hours to boxes or kilograms. Use whatever fits your requirement.
Create professional invoices – in business invoices plays a very important role as they are the written record of your purchase and sale. We emphasis on the design of this important part and provide you very professional looking designed invoices.
Advanced Document Option – Our Web Application also include some advanced feature like it has the signatory field and is also capable of rounding of the amount.

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Human Resource Management

Are you still relying on excel to keep the record of your employee. Are you tired of tracking the leaves of your employee and are confused about the whole leave approval processing.
HRM (Human Resource Management) system allows you to manage your employees very professionally and smoothly. Evaluehub IT services Pvt Ltd have bought you a complete solution for your business. Now you can manage your complete staff and employee without any all-time-off abuses.
HRM developed by Evaluehub IT Services manages all your records related to your employee and is very easy and fast to use. It includes all the modules like leave request module, leave accept module, Attendance (with the system and from the biometric), Manage shift etc.
There is a control panel also and the admin will have the access to it. Admin also have the access to the department and designation that you can set according to your organization. You can set your own leave type, make exceptions to individual employees and groups using leaves rules. It also supports leave accrual and carries forwarding to next leave period. There are some modules like attendance, Salary calculation and management of ship

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Visitor Management System

Evaluhub made the process of managing your attendees and visitors very easy.
Visitor Management System enables your company to leave the fabulous impression and provides a fluid experience to your visitors.
Visitor Management system has a feature that gives reception an instant access of the details of the visitors. Visitor’s information can be added to the system at any time. Even the employee of the company who is attending the visitor can see the details and punch in out details by their accounts.
The visitor management feature enables instant printing of visitor passes with all relevant information including visitor serial number and Visitors photo.
The employee who is intended to attend the visitor gets a notification on its account and also can see all the related details of the visitor.
There is an integrated web camera feature to snap the photo of the visitor.

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Medical Wellness

Robust wellness software that is proven to guide behaviour change and reduce health-related risk, reflecting years of award-winning wellness experience. Our proprietary wellness software provides the ability to manage and document participant progress and wellness program outcomes by management and tracking of participant biometric data and behaviour change.

A Medical wellness system, integrated information system design to manage the administrative and guest clinical aspect of a hospital.
Managing the guest flow effectively is a real time facilities. We have made this tricky process simple.
Reduces waiting time and enhances guest care by providing staff with accurate and timely guest information.
Evaluehub promise you for an excellence service and support.

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Multi Recharges

Evaluehub IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider which specializes in distributing instant recharge facilities to both its business partners as well as clients. You just have to login through its interface and make an entry of the amount; your mobile account would automatically get filled Easy Recharge Options with no false commitments.
Earn from first day: You are free to start getting the returns of all your investment with us in mobile recharges. There is no requirement of maintaining any larger amount of funds to start business with us.
No delay in transaction processing: Our network is free from whatever kind of congestion or any interference. You would immediately get served with your commands, as our express services are exceptional one to use.

This Product is a payment solutions Software which allows users to process their daily need transactions online with safe and easy mode. This provide innovative service allowing customers to make their mobile recharge, bill payments and other different service providers at their convenience. This software Wallet is easy, convenient, secure and fun to use

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