Visitor Management System

Evaluhub made the process of managing your attendees and visitors very easy.
Visitor Management System enables your company to leave the fabulous impression and provides a fluid experience to your visitors.
Visitor Management system has a feature that gives reception an instant access of the details of the visitors. Visitorís information can be added to the system at any time. Even the employee of the company who is attending the visitor can see the details and punch in out details by their accounts.
The visitor management feature enables instant printing of visitor passes with all relevant information including visitor serial number and Visitors photo.
The employee who is intended to attend the visitor gets a notification on its account and also can see all the related details of the visitor.
There is an integrated web camera feature to snap the photo of the visitor.


  • Visitor Management Open or Close
    • Easy and Fast Portal

    • You can control the authentication of the portal from admin panel

    • Paper less Shop. Complete record is maintained online.

    • Option to download the the visitor list.

    • Online Reports and Stats of Visitors.

    • Visitor's Attendee Wise search.

    • No chance of manual mistake

  • Advanced Features Open or Close
    • Integrated with Web Cam.

    • You can have your customised Design and Logo.

    • Manager wise multilevel hierarchy.

    • Shows everyday visitor's list.

  • Why VMS developed by EvaluehubOpen or Close
    • Notifies of the Visitors exceeding their time.

    • Have an extra feature the attendee can also punch out the visitor

    • Fast Processing.

    • Fats and accurate report.

    • Report import export facility.

    • Accurate and reliable.

    • User friendly and scroll base.

    • Easy navigation.

    • It is a complete package of Visitor Management.

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