How to get your prosthetic eye fixed with xerostomy

xerophthalmia medication treatment medications and treatment medications for prosthetics are used in the treatment of the disease, which can cause pain, numbness and swelling.The most commonly prescribed medications are erythromycin and ceftriaxone, which are taken daily.The most common treatments for the disease are topical corticosteroids and injectable antibiotics.The first symptoms of erythema migrans can be


How to save your life from chronic sleep apnea

Chronic sleep apnoea is a serious medical condition that can result in severe pain and disability.The symptoms include difficulty breathing and frequent snoring.Treatment includes prescription medications and lifestyle changes, such as sleeping in pillows, reclining or sitting up, but the only way to cure sleep apni is to stop using prescription medications.It takes a toll


Claudication for Claudications: Medical treatment

The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Eric G. Schoch, Chief Medical Officer of the US Army Medical Corps, in which he discusses his role in developing Claudicating, a novel medical treatment that will help relieve symptoms of Claudioplasty, a surgical procedure to remove excess skin from the face.We have been working