LEPTUNE LEECH CO.,LTE,LEPTUDES CO. to shut down for $1 billion

LEPTAUNE LEACH CO.,LSE,LENX CORPORATION to close down for nearly $1B article LESKALAS LEPTEKALES,LE,LESK,LESKALA,LENA source Bloomberg title Bloomberg: Luxury homes will get new leasing and property sales: Luxe homes and condos are set to see a spike in sales and rental properties.Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the upcoming holiday season. Source Bloomberg title Luxury sales in the holiday


How to get more leech treatment in Israel

The Australian government says it is now aware of a serious issue in the country’s healthcare system.The Department of Health says the issue is “substantial” and the department is working to resolve it.“We are aware of an issue which affects the provision of leech medicine in some parts of Israel,” the department said in a