Narcotics in Treatment for Chronic Pain

A new drug treatment called EcP has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of chronic pain.The drug, which is also used in cancer treatments, has been on the market since January, but it was not until recently that a generic version of the drug was approved.According to a statement


How to use a clap treatment drug

A new study has revealed that clap treatments can help people who are suffering from dystonia to get over their pain.Researchers at The University of Queensland and the University of Sydney found that clapping can ease people’s pain in a variety of ways.The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, looked at three different clap


When opioids become a drug of last resort

BETHLEHEM, Pa.— If you have chronic pain, you may be able to get your pain medication at the pharmacy.But the pharmacy may not be able treat your pain without a prescription.That’s what happened to two patients in Philadelphia.One had pain that could be treated with opioids but the other had pain from a life-threatening disease.“I


Why you should never buy an aneurysis treatment medication

The word “aneurysms” is synonymous with pain.But the word can also be used to describe many types of injuries and conditions, including traumatic brain injury.Aneurysmal injury (or TBI) is a condition that causes abnormal bleeding and inflammation of the brain.It can result in permanent brain damage, even after an initial shock.The term “anomaly” has also